Social Media and E-Marketing in Student Recruitment: A Study on GEM Practices

Dr. Stanley J. Kania, III - Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine


Social media is a mainstay in today’s digital age with billions of daily worldwide users. Various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allow unique content to be shared instantly across the globe. Over the past decade, colleges and universities have begun integrating social media and e-marketing practices into their strategic enrollment management plan to engage prospective students and “stand out from the crowd” in this highly competitive marketspace. This presentation will go over a study conducted last year examining social media and e-marketing practices used in graduate enrollment management (GEM) at four-year public and private non-profit colleges/universities in the United States. Discussion will be centered around the various social media and e-marketing practices used in GEM, appropriate GEM marketing budget allocations, and best practices for social media and e-marketing use in graduate student recruitment.

Professor with Students

Growing Graduate - Solving for Graduate Education Disruption

Jack Klett - Director of Graduate and Online Initiatives for Capture Higher Ed, LLC


The Council of Graduate Schools’ Pressing Issues Survey of graduate school deans shows 84% will spend significant time and resources focused on graduate enrollment management and marketing. Why? Aside from an increased mandate to grow net tuition revenue among graduate programs, there are key external factors impacting both the short‐term and long‐term stability of growth in graduate enrollment. This session will explain these factors – political, economic, cultural, physical and social – and their respective influence on the graduate enrollment model. Specific solutions designed to shield against the influence of these factors will be highlighted.  

Generations Jeopardy


Chad Baker - Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment for Millersville University


Adapted from a presentation at last year's NAGAP Summer Institute, this fun game helps to identify the current generations we are working with as GEM professionals and what we can expect in the next few years.

Be prepared for a fun-filled competition with "great" prizes to be won!

College Students
Study Group

Graduate Process - Inquiry to Enrollment

Roxxi Shupp - Enrollment Data Manager & CRM Administrator at Cedar Crest College

This presentation will focus on how Cedar Crest College uses our current CRM for the graduate process ‐ inquiry through enrollment and everything in between.


We would love to hear what others are doing as well. 

PAGAP Cracker Barrel

Jacquee Lukawski - Graduate Services Support at University of Delaware


There are so many things we can learn from each. The PAGAP cracker barrel has become a hugle popular and beneficial round table, best practices discussion forum. 

Bring your questions, best practices and anything within GEM you may want to brag about with your colleagues.